A loan without transferring a penny

To obtain an online loan, an additional identity verification is usually required by making a verification transfer from your own bank account.

This is not a large amount, because most often it is 1 penny and very rarely 1 zloty, but for some people it is a very not convenient option. Is it possible to get a loan or payday loans without sending such a transfer? It turns out that yes.

If we are interested in obtaining a loan,

But one where no additional verification transfer is necessary, the alternative will be the offer of companies that use a different verification method. It is true that the account holder’s details are also checked, but without the need to send an additional transfer.

I am talking about special applications that loan companies make available, i.e. the Connect or Instantor Account . After providing the data, the application itself checks our bank account, verifying the details of the bank account holder.

In which companies will we be able to obtain a loan without transferring one penny or PLN? Here are the companies I have chosen where it is possible.

Type of loan: payday loan
Type of application: Connect account

One of the loan offers that has been offered

One of the loan offers that has been offered

For the longest time without the need for a verification transfer. It is the Loan and Credit offer, loans with a short repayment period not exceeding 30 days. The maximum loan amount available in the Loan and Credit offer is PLN 3,000. The requirements for obtaining a loan are not particularly high, all you need is 18 years old, a valid ID card and a bank account.

Type of loan: payday loan and installment loan
Type of application: Passport Przelewy24

Also in E-Money the maximum amount of loans

Is PLN 3,000, but here we have enough borrowing costs lower than at bank’s, we have a more flexible repayment period.

If we are interested in borrowing cash with quick repayment, we can choose a period of 30 or 60 days, if for a longer period of up to 12 months, then we pay the loan in installments. The offer is available to persons from 18 years of age, with verification in the BIK databases.

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